Prison statistics and the hypocrisy of a “caring” society

We now have a research section including prison statistics on the website here. See below for snippets on homelessness, children, military, mental health, race, class, gender and suicide rates.

Should homeless campaigners advocate prison?

16% of short term prisoners are homeless before going in, while 34% are living in insecure accommodation.

Should children’s rights advocates advocate prison?

50% of children in care will go to prison, 9% of children in care will go to university.

Should pro-military people advocate prison?

2,500 ex-soldiers entered prison in 2016.

Should mental health campaigners advocate prison?

67% of male prisoners and 57% of female prisoners have a personality disorder.

Should anti-racists advocate prison?

The proportion of “black or black British” people in prison is 4x the proportion of “black and black British in the general population.

Should feminists advocate prison?

46% of women prisoners have attempted suicide in their lives. Women and children are more vulnerable and suffer when partners are locked up.

Should working class people advocate prison?

The vast majority of prisoners by proportion are working class. 2/3 of prisoners had no job before going in, and 73% had no job on release.

Should suicide prevention advocates advocate prison?

There’s a suicide in prison every three days.

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