What next for Injustice?

As any follower of Injustice will be aware, making the film has been a difficult task. I’ve pointed out elsewhere the production process and the conditions under which the film was made. Of course the film is nothing without people seeing it, and that part has been no small success so far.

As a plan for distribution began to develop universities appeared to be the most obvious location for screenings, not least because they have the funds and the space to screen.

The next step

The response to the film from audiences has been excellent. Feedback from lecturers about the impact of the film on the awareness of their students has been especially encouraging. But it was always the plan to go beyond universities. This is what must happen as the next step.

At screenings, youth workers, probation officers, families of prisoners, campaigners, as well as other members of the public, have requested organising their own, so the film gets “out there” even more.

However, the film faces a conundrum: we must get into communities, and in particular poorer communities. However, resource-poor communities, families of prisoners and campaign groups tend not to have spare cash kicking around to pay for a venue, cover travel costs and so on.

How do we get where we want to go?

The next step necessitates finding funds to reach new audiences. As universities close for the summer, screenings will grind to a halt and we really don’t want this to happen.

At the same time I decided not to wait for permission, bureaucratic arrangements or funding to start the new film, focusing on women and prison. I’ve already begun filming but there is an awful lot to do before I can think of trying to apply for funds and get a crowdfunder together.

The challenge of resources

All this requires money, and we simply cannot do it without funds. Generous old friends and newly-found friends helped to provide resources for the making of Injustice, whether by giving food, providing accommodation or providing funds, but the next stage isn’t funded. This is why we have introduced a donation button, which we hope you might be encouraged to use.

We want Injustice to change things but we need your help to do that. [wpedon id=”923″]

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